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 aine wie keine

aine wie keine

aine wie keine

aine wie keine = aine like no one else.

aine spent the majority of her career as a drummer in the funk and blues scene, performing extensively in both the US and Germany. Drawing on these experiences, she recently released her debut album, “aine wie keine" which blends elements of post-rock, jazz, and J-pop.

Raised in Japan, aine developed a unique musical foundation that encompasses Japanese oldies and pop music, as well as jazz and classical styles. This diverse background is evident in the multifaceted arrangements and production on her debut album, which was produced by sub-tle.

While aine's music is deeply personal, it resonates with audiences across genre, gender, and language. Her drumming style is a key component of her sound, and her work as a solo artist builds upon her extensive experience in the funk and blues scene.


With "aine wie keine," aine has established herself as a rising talent in the world of experimental pop. Her debut album showcases her unique perspective and musical vision, and promises to be just the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her career.

aine wie keine

ブラックミュージックをルーツにアメリカ/ドイツで活動してきたドラマー aineがジャンル・性別・国籍を超え、内省的な独自の世界観を構築する楽曲群。 日本、アメリカ、ヨーロッパ、三大陸での活動を経て生まれたその音楽は、「自身のありのままを曝け出す」というテーマにより、 限りなく個人的 ー ゆえに、限りなく普遍的な「私たち」自身を描き出す。


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