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“aine wie keine” is now released online!!!

On this special Equinox day, my first mini album, “aine wie keine” will be released on all streaming platforms.

The equinox has a special energy and is considered by some people as the actual beginning of the year. It is a good day to start something, it defines the direction of the whole year and so.

After unexpected two live performances in completely new set up, something has grown inside me.

Something is starting.

It really feels like that I can finally present something of my own.

What actually happens on stage is always a surprise, but I am capable of taking anything in, because I trust the musicians on stage with me, and I accept and enjoy whatever happens on stage. Which wasn’t the case for my entire career as a drummer.

For my project, I am totally responsible for what happens on stage and off stage, and I accept that fully because it sets me free.

Please join me to celebrate new version of me on this day.

Take a listen to the music on online platforms. Physical CD is also available on my website.

Thank you💖💖💖



そんな日に、自分のミニアルバム “aine wie keine” (アイネ ヴィ カイネ)のストリーミングを開始します。







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