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abreise w/R.P.

I didn't know it could impact me so hard.

Maybe it was because we were all too fragile at the time, because of the whole pandemic thing. Maybe it was because my memory with him is directly connected with all my naive but vivid experience in Boston music scene. When I was at school, he kept telling me that I was his best student even though I was failing it so badly. Him remembering my face and my name correctly even after 10 years of graduation was to me an unbelievable thing. With my low self-esteem, I couldn't just accept that I was worthy of anyone's attention or that I could be there as who I was, without achieving anything.

If I could talk to him with more confidence, if I could accept what he meant seriously, would it be...??? Sure, things might have been different, but it doesn't matter.

That's how we had built our relationship, and it was lovely just how it was.

That night after I heard the news, I cried so hard, as if I was cleansing all the emotions and memories about him.

Next morning, still early that the sun was just coming up, I woke up with a melody in my head. It sounded like one of Ralph's compositions. I immediately recorded it on my phone, as it was my morning routine back then. Then after I woke up, I checked his compositions and nope, it wasn't his composition. But it certainly felt like he gave me the idea.

The song started like a jazz tune, but as I developed it, it ended up in the place that I never expected it to be.

For his voyage to heaven.

Rest In Peace.

2年前の3月1日、バークリーで最初のドラムの先生だったRalph Peterson Jr. が、長かった闘病生活を終えたことを知った。

Art Blakeyのジャズメッセンジャーズで叩いていたようなスーパースターの彼は、「ジャズを習いたい」と今となっては疑問しか持てない要望を無謀にも口に出したあたしに、彼のトランペット演奏とデュオでのレッスンをしてくれたりとなかなかにハードルの高いレッスンをしてくれた。











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