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Happy New Year 2024!!!

Updated: Feb 11

On this new year's day, I am very thankful and proud to live my life this way, and grateful for knowing that my family and friends are healthy and happy at least in this very moment.

It seems like 2023 was a pretty challenging year for many of us.

I wasn't an exception.

Many tears for angers, frustrations, and sadness.

I felt the world wasn't a fair place.

Still, I kept my intention.

I wanted to be honest with myself.

I didn't want to live in the way that I did anymore.

I want to live my life fully, and create the best out of it.

So I kept on.

I carefully chose.

It felt almost hopeless.

But then, it slowly started.

New job, new community, new experience, new place.

That also required some courage and tears, because I had to challenge my limit.

But after all, I gained more confidence in myself.

I have, and am, actually creating my life in the way I want it.

So be more specific about it.

Even more fine tune it.

I am leaving so many things that don't serve me anymore.

It is ok to change. Because you do change. Things change.

What was once good for you, may no longer feel as good as it was.

So, just focus on the present. The moment.

And feel the small dissonance that makes you uncomfortable.

Be with it.

Act on it.

And create the better.

Don't miss the chance.

Make your decision.

Be mindful.

Every moment. Is your chance to change.

And express your love to loved ones.

That will be my 2024.














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